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Information on file sizes and formats and colour profiles:

All our printing is done at 300dpi (stationery) or 720dpi (dye-sublimation products). For best results your image should be the correct size at 300dpi. If the resolution is less than this the print quality will be reduced. Sizes for all print products are given in pixels and in centimetres at 300dpi on the product pages. The size your image appears on a computer screen is not usually the size it will appear when printed. You can check your image size and quality by printing it out on a blank piece of paper.

Please check this table to see which file formats we accept.

Format Program Accepted?
cpt CorelPhotoPaint Yes
cdr CorelDraw Yes
psd Adobe Photoshop Yes
jpg various Yes (uncompressed please!)
tiff various Yes
bmp various Possible (but must be correct size)
gif various Possible (but must be correct size)
pdf Adobe Acrobat Possible (but see note below*)
doc Microsoft Word WordArt or text only, no images**
ai Adobe Illustrator Yes (but preferred as psd)
ppt Microsoft PowerPoint Possible depending on your image
eps various Not recommended
pub Microsoft Publisher No
xls Microsoft Excel No
Quark No
Pagemaker No

*PDF files are not recommended. This format is used for transporting files, it's much better if you can send your file in the original format, eg. psd. If you must send a pdf file please ensure that it exactly matches our image specifications.

**If you have created your design using Microsoft Word you can send this and we will recreate the design from your layout, but you will need send any images or artwork seperately as a high quality image file. Text made using WordArt is usually suitable for printing without any problem, however please ensure that the text is large enough for your purpose as results from WordArt can be variable.


CYMK - should be used where possible for all printed stationery designs.

RGB - should be used for all dye-sublimation products, eg. mugs, mouse mats, coasters etc.

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